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System Instructions

Admission Forms with Scratch Cards are Available at Post Offices throughout Ghana.

International Students may Click here to Apply.


NB: Please, it is advisable to use Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox Web Browsers to fill the online application.

NB: After each step, Click on the Save and Continue Button at the bottom of the page to move to the Next Step. You may also click on the Save and Exit Button to save your data, exit and continue later. You may visit previous steps by Clicking on the Previous Step Button. Remember to Log out after completing your application.

Step 1
This part of the application deals with your personal information. Ensure you fill all information correctly.

Step 2
This part of the application takes care of collecting your examination results and educational background records. Ensure you fill all information correctly.

Step 3
This is where you fill your employment history and financial information.

Step 4
This is the last step which deals with the verification and declaration of the data you provided. Please make sure you agree to the Legal terms at the end of this step.